About us

The Ipswich Koala Protection Society, Inc was established in October 1994 and was originally known as the Woogaroo Koala Protection Society. In 2000 the name changed as the need for koala rescue outgrew the Woogaroo Creek area. Now we no longer rescue only within the confines of Ipswich, travelling in excess of 20,000 kilometres per year on koala rescues alone.

IKPS has two dedicated koala and wildlife ambulances that run 24/7 and rescue in excess of 180 koalas per year as well as countless numbers of other native wildlife.

In 2010 we established a Koala Rescue & Rehabilitation Clinic on a property at Mount Forbes with an experienced wildlife veterinarian on call 24/7.

We keep and maintain extensive records, statistics and mapping of koalas and koala habitat that is utilised to identify koala habitat and populations in and around the local area.

Education plays a critical role in what we do - displays, workshops, forums, conferences and working closely with Local, State and Federal Government agencies has become an important resource in the conservation and protection of koala habitat.

Our Aims & Objectives

(as established in 1994)

  • To promote the koala as the focal species for Nature Conservation throughout Ipswich and surrounding environs. To foster an interest in the koala throughout the community and to seek community support for the long sustainability of the koala.
  • To promote the need for acquisition of koala habitat in the form of National Parks, Nature Refuges or other appropriate permanent reserves.
  • To promote the understanding of the threatening processes and to work toward a reduction of koala mortality resulting from habitat loss, road traffic and domestic dogs.
  • To promote research on the koala to determine distribution, population density, preferred tree species, movement, longevity and fecundity.
  • To promote the restoration of habitat in degraded areas through planting, care and protection of appropriate tree species.
  • To actively engage in the assistance of koala welfare in cooperation with local government and the State wildlife authority.